Catherine Deane bridal week Harrogate
Bridal Week Harrogate connects brands and buyers during the two most important seasons of the year. Each event features over 300 brands, live fashion shows, educational sessions, and networking opportunities, making it an unmissable destination for bridal industry professionals.
We are excited to announce that we will be showcasing our latest bridal collection, Flights of Freedom, at Bridal Week Harrogate. From 10 - 12 September, you can be the first to experience this wonderful collection at the Harrogate Convention Centre.

The story behind Flights of Freedom

Catherine Deane Harrogate Bridal Week

Flights of Freedom is a collection that embodies the experience of being free. This is the journey of creating a new story, one that is grounded in love. 
In living a life of freedom you are liberated through love that heals. You consciously choose to forgive, persevere and grow. No longer bound by wounds, weighed down by pride or a lack of authenticity but free to take flight as all the burdens are lifted. 
This freedom comes from a place of overflow, through choosing compassion for yourself and the world around you. There is the choice to be patient and kind, to honour and serve others, without losing who you are. It is the posture of grace. 
You will soar as you align yourself towards a life of freedom. There is an expanse of opportunity and a life of abundance as you live in this victory. Through the lens of freedom there is clarity to make wise decisions. Steward what you have been given well so that you can empower and lift up others. 
Know that your union is a blessing, a representation of love without expectations, two worlds becoming one, a place of freedom. You have the privilege of serving one another, championing dreams and navigating through all seasons whilst building a beautiful life together. May there be an ease in being honest as you live in truth and lead with love. 
We hope your Flights of Freedom experience is a place of rest, an atmosphere of peace, amplifies joy and affirms your identity of being loved. Your dignity is defended through freedom, who you are is enough. 
Catherine Deane Harrogate Bridal Week

Q&A with Catherine

What inspired your latest collection, and how do you stay current with bridal fashion trends?
Flights of Freedom is a collection close to my heart. It's symbolic of my spiritual journey and the love that I feel in my relationship with God. God is Love, and Love is healing and freeing. 
I feel new levels of freedom and joy in my own life over the past year and felt inspired to materialise this into a bridal collection with the intention that women wearing the dresses get to feel this freedom and joy.
Describe your latest collection in three words.
Joy, Freedom, and Ease.
Can you describe the creative process, from initial concept through to final product?
First, we conceptualise a theme for the season. This can be inspired by purpose, place or people. We then work with our sales and merchandising team to understand various shapes and silhouettes that our customers are asking for and gaps in our offer. 
Then we start sketching and draping and working with the beautiful fabrics that we have sourced that work with our theme. Following that, we send our drapes, tech packs and images to our team in Hong Kong, who have worked on our samples for the past 10 years, and they make a first sample. 
The sample comes back to us for fitting and comments, after which it goes to market for sales. Following sales, where the strongest styles rise to the surface, we then go into production and delivery.
What design trends have emerged from the collection (silhouettes, materials, embellishments)?
Feathers; embroidered birds; diaphanous Grecian goddess draped silk tulle sheaths; whimsical sheer bodices and tops; jumpsuits; three-piece suits, and pleated skirts and trousers. 
Pearls are a favourite at Catherine Deane, so more Pearls! 
Is there a single piece which embodies the vision of the whole collection? Can you tell us more about it?
I would say this is our Bailee Gown. She is a gathered silk tulle sheath gown with a knotted silk tulle waist detail, and embroidered birds on the front upper bodice that flow into a feathered sleeve over the shoulder and into a plunging feather strap against an open back. 
Why is Bridal Week so important to you?
An important part of our culture is collaboration. Our team loves to connect with, and understand our customers and her needs - what is working, what is not working, and implementing solutions to be of better service.
What does the future hold for you? Do you have any exciting upcoming plans you can share with us
Yes! We have plans for expanding our London store which will be completed by the end of the year, taking us from two to five fitting rooms.
Our other ambitions are to create a world where women feel beautiful and valued, by creating more love, joy, freedom, and authentic connection through conscious fashion.
Catherine Deane Harrogate Bridal Week
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Catherine Deane Bridal Week Harrogate