How to Know if You’re a Bohemian Bride at Heart

A bohemian style wedding dress oozes effortless beauty, combining natural fabrics and intricate details with minimalistic styles that blend harmoniously to achieve a truly unique nature-inspired vibe. Boho babes are the embodiment of all things natural, exhibiting their free-spirited hearts on their sleeves whilst exuding a sense of a freedom that can only be experienced when immersed in nature in its wildest and purest form.

Bohemian chic is more than just a fashion sense - it’s an art form, a feeling, and an appreciation for the beauty that can only be found amidst untouched nature. And for the aspiring boho bride, there are lots of wedding dresses and accessories in stunning bohemian styles. But do you know if this unique style of dress is right for you on your special day? How can you tell if you’re truly a bohemian bride following your heart and your own style, and not simply jumping on a popular trend? Hopefully, by reading this, you’ll find out if this effortless, yet utterly stunning style really is for you on your wedding day.

Comfort Over Beauty

You appreciate fashion and beauty; however, you will not sacrifice your comfort for them. Instead, you’ll select gorgeous styles that are as just as comfortable as they are stylish. In your wonderful world, beauty doesn’t equate to feeling uncomfortable; you need to feel good and have the right dress and shoes on to dance the night away.

Simplicity and Minimalism

Fuss annoys you, and quite frankly you’re easily bored by too much fanciness and frills. You adore minimalistic styles that are both classy and effortlessly beautiful without being too much.

You Love Nature

If you’re a bohemian gal, you might be dreaming of a floral crown that’s bursting with colour for your big day. You like the sound of picking wildflowers for your bouquet and you’d love to incorporate fresh flowers into your table design. If that’s your vibe, you’re likely in the boho tribe.


An informal, casual wedding excites you, while the idea of a huge room full of people - some of which you’ve never even met before - is not very appealing. Instead of putting on a big show, you’d much rather keep your event special and personal, sharing it with your nearest and dearest family and friends.

Personalisation and Freedom

You’re free at heart and see the value of doing things your own way. You don’t give any thought to how other people do things, and you most definitely don’t follow the crowds. Your wedding is your own, and you’ll do it your way because tradition isn’t always right for everyone. You rebel against what’s expected of you, personalising everything in your path, and you will not be weighed down by other people’s expectations - your free-spirited soul can do better than that.

If any of this resonates with you, it’s likely you’re a wild-hearted, free-spirited bohemian bride deep down. Don’t bottle your inner boho bride up - she will thrive if you let her out and nurture her. And with so many stunning styles available in this nature-inspired aesthetic, your inner boho goddess will come alive on your big day.