How to Plan your Micro-Wedding

Small is beautiful. And when it comes to your wedding day, choosing to have a micro wedding won't just make the day beautiful, it will also create an intimate setting for you, your partner and all your guests to mingle. And, as an added bonus, your bank account will thank you too as micro-weddings are a budget-flexible alternative to a traditional wedding. If you’re thinking of having a micro-wedding, the following are some tips on planning your big day.

Determine a Budget

As with all weddings - micro or traditional - the first step in the planning process is to determine a budget. It's not the most exciting conversation to start off with but it will set the foundation for the rest of your planning. Micro weddings are typically budget-friendly as there will be a smaller number of guests in attendance. That said; you can choose to go all out on the finer details and price-per-guest, so it's really down to how much you're comfortable spending.

Choose A Venue

Once you have the budget set, it's time to start thinking about venues. One of the best things about a micro wedding is having access to a wider range of different settings. As the numbers are going to be smaller than those at a typical wedding, you can choose to celebrate in your favourite bar, restaurant, a beach location, a museum, on a rooftop or in a unique AirBnB. The options are endless! 

Find Your Dream Dress

The level of flexibility you get with venue choices also extends into your choice of wedding dress. You don't have to stick with a traditional gown if that's not your style. Choose bridal separates for a relaxed, chic and elegant look. Or, if you choose a beach setting, why not go for a whimsical dress that features boho detailing? With a micro wedding, there are so many opportunities to step away from the traditional and choose a wedding outfit that represents your style and personality.

Hire a Photographer

Yes, micro weddings are budget-flexible but this is one area where you want to splurge if your budget allows it. When you've said your vows and all the celebrations are over, you'll only have the photos to look back on. Do some research into the style of photos that each photographer on your shortlist takes, as you want to be sure that both visions for the big day align.

Micro-weddings may be the new normal as we move into a post-pandemic world where people are organising smaller events. The planning process will involve the same steps that you’d have to follow if you were planning a big traditional wedding. But, what will be different is the guest list and the level of flexibility that you’ll have when it comes to choosing a venue and a wedding dress. If you’re thinking of having a micro wedding, we wish you the best of luck with the planning and we hope the day is everything you’ve always dreamed of.