Our journey to being eco sustainable.

As a brand whose main inspiration stems from nature, Catherine Deane feels the direct impact of the effects the fashion industry has on the environment. We have reached our target to be 40% Eco, which includes all of our lining fabrics on our bridal collection being between 60% - 100% recycled yarns and specific Eco developments on shell fabrics. These eco-fibers consist of recycled polyester, which has received international certification from our yarn suppliers. Further to using eco-fibers, all packaging materials for garment bags are made from bio-degradable corn, which allows the bags to naturally disintegrate back into the eco system, once they are discarded. Catherine Deane additionally uses hangtags which are made from recycled paper, creating a full circle approach to sustainable packaging materials. We at Catherine Deane are proudly moving away from printing marketing materials, and are encouraging digital look books and brand collateral where ever possible. From factory to showroom floor, Catherine Deane is on a mission to lovingly and consciously create wedding items with a sustainable promise to both clients and the environment. ❤