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Are you looking for wedding separates in the UK? Then you have come to the right place. At Catherine Deane, we supply stunning wedding dress separates to make you feel flawless on your wedding day.

Offering a plentiful range of products including bodysuits, bridal trousers, wedding skirts and a variety of bridal tops, we enable you to mix and match your garments to create the perfect look. We understand that every bride is different, and our wedding separates ensure that you can walk down the aisle feeling confident and beautiful from head to toe.

Whether you prefer sleek and elegant, lace and detailed, sleeves or sleeveless; we have you covered. Our comprehensive selection of products makes sure you are always in complete control of your look.

Why Choose a Two-Piece Wedding Dress in the UK?

When picturing your wedding dress, you would typically imagine a single garment and traditionally this was the most popular option. In modern times, however, the demand for wedding gown separates has been increasing dramatically as more and more brides are realising the benefits that a two piece brings.

Being able to mix and match garments provides you with better flexibility to achieve your perfect look. Consider the option of a detailed top with a plain skirt or garments that are contrasting in shades - with wedding separates, you are able to step into a world of endless possibilities and cater to your own personal taste.

Women come in all shapes and sizes so it can often be difficult to find a one-piece dress that compliments you from all angles. Wedding dress separates are a fantastic choice for brides who are different sizes on their top and bottom, meaning fewer alterations are required.

What Makes Us Different?

Here at Catherine Deane, we provide you with an experience that is like no other. We aim for all of our brides to walk down the aisle feeling the best they have ever felt and do everything we can to achieve this. When choosing our products, you receive:


Lavishing you with love and blessings, each of our garments has an affirmation stitched in to promote positivity on your wedding day.


We place a lot of importance on providing eco-friendly products to reduce the impact of the fashion industry on the world. Using recycled yarns, polyester, paper and other materials for our dresses and packaging, we are proud to be 40% Eco. When you choose Catherine Deane, you become a part of our journey and give back to the environment.

Expert Stylists

You will receive access to our expert stylists both online and in-store at our London showroom. We take the time to listen to your wants, needs and budget before recommending products that will best suit your requirements.

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56 products