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Elevate your wedding day individuality with our modern bridal wedding trousers. Step away from tradition and choose chic bridal pants that redefine sophistication.

Discover comfort, style, and confidence as you say "I do" in a uniquely memorable way.

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Whether you opt to spend the whole day in wedding trousers or choose to change for the evening celebrations, we have you covered. With our wide variety of stunning bridal separates, you can choose a single top and partner with a number of bottoms, enabling a surprise outfit change part way through the day.

For high quality, sustainable products, look no further. We are dedicated, passionate and truly care about making you look and feel beautiful on your wedding day. Make your day unforgettable with Catherine Deane's wedding gowns.

Why Some Brides Prefer to Wear Pants on a Wedding Day

Brides all over the world are swapping traditional wedding gowns for bridal trousers or a bridal jumpsuit. If you’d love to stand out on your big day and really deliver that wow factor, you’ll be happy to know that wedding pants for the bride is a growing trend that is here to stay. The following are some of the reasons why brides are breaking all the rules and choosing pants over dresses;

Comfort – If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a gown, choosing pants for your special day might just be the perfect choice for you. Keep comfort in mind when choosing the fit and fabric. Go for a premium fabric such as silk wool or silk faille for that extra soft touch against your skin.

StylePants for the bride are classy, chic, very elegant and they can look great on any body type. Opting for something a little less traditional will make a real statement and all eyes will be on you for the right reasons. Just be sure to choose the right fit and style of pants. Take some time to discover the different styles of pants as you have lots of options to choose from. Wide-flared legs and slim cigarette pants are always firm favourites.

Wear Again – Don’t like the idea of hanging a gown in the back of your closet for the rest of your life? Would you love to wear your wedding day outfit again and again? You can with wedding pants for the bride! Choosing a pair of pants for your special day will give you the opportunity to get so much wear out of your outfit. Pair your wedding pants with a blouse for a very important dinner. Or wear them with a double-breasted blazer for an upcoming meeting. Pants are perfect for the bride who wants a staple pair of chic pants in her wardrobe that she can wear again and again.

Why Choose Catherine Deane For Your Bridal Pants?

When it comes to wedding garments, few can compare to us. For over 15 years, we have been helping brides find their perfect outfit to walk down the aisle. Our expert stylists stop at nothing to ensure that you feel confident and completely happy with your garments. When choosing Catherine Deane, you benefit from:


We understand that brides come in all shapes and sizes so offer a diverse selection of clothing that is guaranteed to complement all bodies. We have found that being able to mix and match garments is beneficial for achieving your dream look as it gives you greater control over your style. Whether you prefer your outfit to be flowing or figure-hugging, include pants or a wedding skirt, be floor length or short; we have the perfect combination for you.


It is undeniable that the fashion industry can have a strain on the environment, and we strive to minimise the impact of our wedding clothes. All of our linings are are made with recycled yarns and our packaging is made with recycled paper to ensure our products are eco-friendly and sustainable. We are proud to be 40% Eco and continue to look for ways to improve this status. When you purchase from Catherine Deane, you join our journey and become part of the solution.


Every bride wants to feel like the belle of the ball on their wedding day and we are here to ensure the positive vibes are flowing. Each item that we sell has an affirmation sewed into the label to bestow love and blessings to you on your special day.

At your initial consultation, we take the time to listen to your likes, dislikes and preferences before recommending clothing combinations that can best achieve your dream look, only stopping when you are completely happy.

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If wedding pants for the bride is your thing, you are not alone. Not only do our experts have knowledge and experience in selling bridal trousers, but we also have a plentiful selection on offer. Your perfect trouser and top combination is right here at Catherine Deane. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today! Read Less

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