Wedding Jumpsuits

Your wedding is a place for you to celebrate your love – and if you want to move away from the traditional dress code, then you might be considering wedding jumpsuits as a classy alternative.

Break with Tradition – Wedding Jumpsuits Made in the UK from Catherine Deane

Here at Catherine Deane, we have been creating designs for the modern bride since 2005, pairing classic silhouettes with modern touches all inspired by nature. Here you can find traditional wedding dresses, lace, and embroidered bodices, all made to be worn comfortably and make our brides feel amazing. We are a global luxury brand, known for our Bridal range – and with three collections released every year, we know that you can find the perfect dress – or jumpsuit – right here on our website. We have an exclusive showroom in London, and we supply the very best bridal stockists around the world.

For that less traditional bride, wedding jumpsuits will make you feel unbeatable and beautiful on the happiest day of your life.

Can I Wear a White Jumpsuit to My Wedding in the UK?

If you are considering something not quite traditional for your wedding, you might be looking for an alternative to the traditional white gown, and brides-to-be are asking “Can I REALLY wear a white jumpsuit to my wedding in the UK?”.

The simple answer is yes! While traditionally brides wear white (or cream, or ivory) dresses, there are no actual rules relating to what constitutes suitable wedding wear for the bride or the groom. Bridal jumpsuits are a modern and chic alternative that many non-traditional brides are choosing, and that is why here at Catherine Deane we offer a selection of jumpsuits that we think would be more than suitable for any elegant wedding.

A wide-legged white jumpsuit, made from structured and smooth satin, is a statement. Figure flattering to suit every bride, these can be made all in one, or created from separates if you want to make it even more individual. Sophisticated, elegant, and comfortable to wear (they even have pockets!). a white jumpsuit for a wedding in the UK offers brides an easy to move in alternative to the traditional dress – and we would love to show you how amazing you would look in one right here in our showroom.

Based in Metropolitan Wharf, we invite brides and their friends to come and make an appointment with one of our wedding stylists, who would be happy to discuss your needs and styles, so that we can show you the dresses - and the jumpsuits – that we think will suit your vibe.

Wear a Jumpsuit on Your Wedding Day & Be the Difference

Here at Catherine Deane, it isn’t just our brides who want to break with tradition and do something more natural – so alongside our eco-conscious, sustainable practices we make sure that every dress we sell can help someone in need. We have partnered with The Unlimited Child – a South African initiative that helps with the early childhood development of underprivileged children. A percentage of the sale price of every dress bought by our brides goes directly to help this charity, and so far, we have raised more than $70,000 and helped more than 10,000 children.

Buying bridal jumpsuits from Catherine Deane will not only make you feel a million dollars on your special day, but you will also know that you are helping people who really need it, too. Read Less

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6 products