Satin Wedding Dresses

There is nothing more classic than satin wedding dresses and, in the UK, Catherine Deane has taken this traditional material and made it so much more – suitable for our bohemian vibe and easy to wear for our modern brides. Read More

Free-Spirited Satin Wedding Dresses in the UK from Catherine Deane

Since 2005, London-based designer Catherine Deane has been creating a collection of sumptuous wedding dresses and gowns inspired by nature, as well as a Ready to Wear Bridal collection of wedding separates and gowns suitable for all occasions. Internationally recognised for the romantic and bohemian vibe of the pieces, you can now find Catherine Deane's wedding dresses in 23 countries with online stores in the Uk, Europe, the USA and Asia. Stunning combinations of delicate lace and intricate embroidery create eye-catching and classic silhouettes for our free-spirited brides.

Here at Catherine Deane, the classic simplicity of satin wedding dresses in the UK makes them a popular choice for our brides – with our boho vibe, of course.

What Makes Satin Bridal Dresses So Special?

Satin bridal dresses have been the most popular in terms of fabric choice for decades, and there are many reasons brides choose satin to wear on their special day.

The smooth finish of satin wedding gowns makes them almost luminescent, highlighting the magic of a wedding day, while the durability of the fabric makes them a lasting investment – it is often the satin dresses that are handed down to daughters, for example.

The thicker nature of the fabric of wedding dresses made from satin makes them not only a great choice for weddings in the colder months, but also great for more structured dress shapes. Ballgown and structured A-line dresses benefit from the thickness of satin helping to create shapes that are steady – but also comfortable. In the UK, we are not always blessed with warm (or dry) wedding days but choosing satin wedding gowns can make you more comfortable and warmer even when the weather is not playing ball!

Even with the thicker nature of satin, it can still ruche and flow, making it great for layered and floaty dresses too.

Try the Best Satin Wedding Dresses in the UK

While we try to make sure that our customers get as much information as they need about the satin wedding dresses in the UK available online, there is nothing like seeing a dress in person and trying it on to really find the one that is perfect for you.

We work with specially selected stockists who hold our collections for us, but for the true Catherine Deane experience, we invite you to come to our Metropolitan Wharf showroom in London. You can book an appointment with one of our creative and experienced bridal stylists – we have availability 10AM – 7PM Wednesdays and Thursdays, and 10AM – 5PM Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

During your appointment, your personal stylist will talk to you to learn about your style, what type of wedding you are having, what your theme is and even your venue – to get an understanding of your vibe and find the perfect satin bridal dresses to suit you so that you can try them on and really feel the sumptuous quality and luxury.

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