4 Reasons to Choose Bridal Separates on Your Wedding Day

Bridal Separates

Because they’re so versatile and customisable, brides are catching onto the benefits of choosing bridal separates for their big day. More and more women are opting for two pieces for their wedding outfit, ditching old-fashioned traditional styles in favour of the fresh, new and exciting. Separate tops, bodices and corsets combined with skater and maxi skirts, ball gown bottoms, and so much more offer a wealth of varied styles with minimal effort, allowing brides to create a custom look that is one hundred percent unique.

Plus, since separates allow for a better fit without modifying the entire outfit, they’re a top choice for brides who demand not only stunning mix and match styles, but also comfort. If you’re not yet convinced, here are a few reasons to persuade you into considering this trend.

They’re Completely Customisable

Bridal separates make your wedding dress very versatile and completely customisable - all without a heavy price tag. Particular brides who want to create their own unique look for their wedding day will love the opportunity to mix and match different pieces to make their own personal wedding gown that speaks to them personally. With separates, there really are no rules, which make them all the more fun and intriguing to play with.

You can opt for almost anything - a beaded bodice matched with a sleek skirt, a frilled top paired with a flowing maxi bottom, or tiered organza ball gown bottoms and mermaid net skirts matched with halter tops or sleek corsets. If you can imagine it, you can choose it - your separates are yours to coordinate to create the ideal silhouette and aesthetic that looks and feels perfect to you.

And, as there are so many gorgeous separates available in equally as many stunning styles, your wedding outfit will likely be one-of-a-kind. Plus it’s not just about that one perfect wedding outfit - you can add even more separates into the mix to create multiple different looks throughout your wedding day. You can wear a show-stopping two-piece for the ceremony, and then switch your dreamy long skirt for a shorter one, or even a pair of chic bridal pants for dancing and partying at the reception. With separates, there are no limits.

They’re Comfortable

With bridal separates, it’s easy to find the perfect top and bottom that looks and feels amazing on. When choosing separates, you can select each piece for each part of your body without affecting the whole outfit - you can get the top part in one size and fit, and the bottom in another. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to fit.

They’re Re-wearable

This is another area where separates are re-writing the rules. Thanks to their versatility, you can wear your wedding pieces time and time again for other occasions and continue to get more wear out of them. It’s so easy to re-wear a top or bottom piece for almost any event - an anniversary, a formal party, a special occasion, or a night out!

Of course, it depends on the occasion, but nothing is stopping you from taking out your separates and wearing them again. Pair your reception pants with a cute top. Wear your floor-length maxi with a top and a cool leather jacket. You can even wear your bridal corset with a pair of jeans and heels for date night. If you use your imagination, you can reuse and re-enjoy your bridal separates on a multitude of different occasions.

They Break All the Rules

Modern brides don’t follow old trends and do what’s expected of them, and bridal separates represent the freedom and versatility that modern women stand for. With separates, brides make their own rules, creating a style that is unique, personal and drop dead gorgeous.