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Are you looking for beautiful bridal skirts? Then you have come to the right place. 

Find Eco-Friendly Wedding Skirts for Sale, Here at Catherine Deane!

With over 15 years in the industry, we understand that each bride is different. Our range of garments enables our stylists to create your perfect outfit and ensure that you walk down the aisle feeling confident and looking flawless.

Whether you are looking for detailed or plain wedding skirts, floor-length or short; we have you covered. Mix and match products to contrast materials, shading and detailing, enabling you to showcase your style without compromise.

Choosing Wedding Skirt Separates Puts You in Control of Your Day

When it comes to your wedding day, let nothing hold you back. Opting for wedding separates gives you the control that you need to achieve your perfect outfit and be unapologetically you on your big day. By choosing a separates tops and lace wedding skirt separates you can:

Mix & Match

By giving brides the versatility to create an outfit that reflects their true style, we achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction. Perhaps you would like lace wedding skirt separates with a minimalist top? Or would like a top and skirt combination that contrasts in colour or shade? The possibilities are endless.

Recycle & Re-Wear

You will rarely have an opportunity to wear a one-piece wedding dress again but when choosing wedding separates, you can recycle and re-wear each item to achieve additional looks.

Cater to Your Body Type

As most of us know, it is rare to find clothes in one size that fit us perfectly on the top and bottom. By purchasing a separate top and wedding skirt, you are able to better fit your body, resulting in less need for alternations.

Switch Up Your Look

Commonly, in modern times, brides will change their outfits before the reception, revealing a new look for the evening. By purchasing wedding separates, the switch is quick and easy as you would generally only need to change the bridal skirt.

We Provide Sustainable Bridal Skirts That Give Back to the Environment

Not only do you receive fantastic service with us, but you also give back to the environment when purchasing our tops, trousers and wedding skirts in the UK. Our garments are produced with recycled yarns to be as eco-friendly as possible. Already achieving a status of 40% Eco, we are constantly striving for more. We invite you to choose Catherine Deane and become a part of the solution.

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When you shop a wedding gown with Catherine Deane, you are guaranteed quality from day one. Our styling experts act with integrity, professionalism and truly care about providing you with high-quality products that make you feel beautiful on your special day. Contact us today to start building your dream look with out lace bridal skirt separates. Read Less

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20 products