Beaded Bodice Wedding Gown

We are a reputable, long-standing and luxurious bridal brand with an eco-conscious ethic at our core. Our unique wedding gown store in UK offers free-spirited brides a meticulously-crafted selection of luxury beaded bodice wedding dresses and bridal separates – each with nature, eco-consciousness and sustainability at heart. Read More

Find Your Perfect Beaded Bodice Wedding Gown at Catherine Deane

Affordable, yet without compromising quality, every single design effortlessly flaunts nature-inspired beauty and bohemian goddess styles, leaving nothing to be desired by brides from all walks of life. And with almost two decades of experience, brides will enjoy our unrivalled customer service, superior eco-luxurious designs and fast fuss-free delivery, which have earned our expert bridal brand an outstanding reputation.

Why Choose a Beaded Bodice Wedding Gown?

Brides seeking a luxurious touch to their gown have it all with our beaded bodice wedding dress collection. An all-over detail boasting stunning embroidery decorates the gown’s feminine torso, transforming the silhouette into a shimmering show-stopper. The intricate beauty and delicate nature of a wedding gown with a beaded bodice is both alluring and eye-catching, adding subtle class, or bold, elegant statements to your dream wedding gown. The sparkling detail is sure to evoke awe, and draws the eyes to the beautiful feminine curves that the beaded bodice is specifically designed to accentuate.

Beautifully-sculpted and decorated to highlight the beauty of the feminine shape, it’s no wonder this seductive centre-piece has become a non-negotiable staple for the most sophisticated brides. Whether harmoniously paired with a flowing bohemian gown, or an elegant chiffon skirt, a wedding dress with a beaded bodice is as graceful as it is versatile. Choose this opulent feature for your dress, and you’re guaranteed to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Why Choose Catherine Deane for your Dream Wedding Dress with Beaded Bodice?

What makes Catherine Deane wedding gowns so special is very simple, yet it makes all the difference. Every single design is a meticulous mix of luxury and bohemian-beauty, tastefully blended together in perfect harmony. The result is an elegant selection of breathtaking wedding gowns to suit every kind of free-spirited, eco-conscious bride with nature in her heart. A commitment to sustainability is one of our core values, with the whole bridal collection being ethically produced using 40% eco-fabrics.

But it’s not all about our irresistible gowns – our years of experience and unrivalled customer service also speaks for itself. Every bride is guaranteed an unmatched journey from start to finish in every way. From expert, tailored assistance with gown selection, to personal follow-up appointments and fitting guidance, we are with you every step of the way right up until you walk down the aisle in your dream wedding dress.

What’s more, very few designers offer immediate delivery of a luxurious bridal product direct to your door in such a short timeframe. You’ll wait three to six months for delivery of your gown when purchasing from most designers. However, with Catherine Deane there’s no waiting around. On top of enjoying the same high-end quality, superior designs and six-star customer service that you can expect from other luxury bridal designers, you’ll have your dream beaded bodice wedding gown within two weeks – without the unattractive price tag.

No matter your budget, you deserve quality, sustainability, expert designs, beauty, and tailored customer service when selecting your wedding gown from a reputable bridal designer. With Catherine Deane, you need look no further. If you’re a free-spirited bride-to-be with nature in her heart, and a keen eye for sustainable beauty and affordable, uncompromising luxury, you’re in the right place. Our expert team is here to make your perfect wedding dress with beaded bodice a reality. Read Less

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9 products