Why We Use Affirmation Labels in All our Garments

We at Catherine Deane are all about personalisation. We want each and every one of our brides to feel her absolute best on her wedding day in a gown or outfit that she feels was tailor-made just for her. Our personalised experience includes your very own stylist who can help you find the dress that perfectly reflects who you are. We are also committed to the environment and are proud to say that 40% of our fabrics are made from recycled materials. Another personalised feature we've added to our gowns is our bride’s very own affirmation labels sewn right into her gown. What are affirmation labels and why do they matter? This is why we believe this small detail can make a huge impact on a bride’s wedding day.

The Power of Positivity

We feel that we can inspire an air of positivity with our affirmation labels. We want more than anything for our bride to feel beautiful, loved, valued, and to be able to say honestly that her wedding day was the best day of her life.. To help our brides harness their own positive energy, we sew positive affirmations into the labels of each and every one of our wedding dresses, lavishing each person with love and blessings.

Affirmations are positive statements that can help brides believe in what they know to be true deep down. When a bride sees and repeats affirmations, and believes in them, she can feel confident and self-assured despite feeling a little nervous. Some of our favourite affirmations include ‘I am loved’, ‘I am blessed’ and ‘I am treasured’. Don’t forget that when you harness your own positivity, you will inspire that energy in your guests, in your new spouse, and into every aspect of your big day.

Tips To Make Affirmations More Effective

In the run up to your big day, we recommend incorporating some daily practices into your routine to make your affirmation more effective.

  • Once you get your dress, learn off the affirmation. Make some time each morning and evening to repeat the phrase whilst looking in the mirror.
  • Repeat the affirmation at least 10 times. Say it slowly and clearly. Focus on each word leaving your mouth and believe each word to be true. Feel each syllable and let the words soak into your brain.
  • Focus on your body language. Stand tall, put your shoulders back and keep your head up. Project confidence in your posture and it will make a huge difference to the results.
  • It's a good idea to ask a close friend or family member to help you out. Get him/her to repeat the affirmation after you. It might reinforce what you're saying and instil some belief in your inner self.
  • Consistency is key so try not to miss out on a session. Make the time each day and you will feel the compound effect of your efforts.
  • It may take some weeks or even months for the words to sink in so have patience and stick with it.