Our Journey Through Japan

Ohanami, “flower viewing” in English, happens once a year in Japan during Spring. From late March until the beginning of May, people from Japan and around the world gather to see cherry blossoms, known as sakura. Lining up with the beginning of the financial and school years in Japan, sakura blooming symbolises a fresh start, much like the launch of our new AW18 collections.

This April, we travelled to Japan and explored the paths and parks of Tokyo and Mount Fuji. With our creative team, we developed beautiful images that mirrored the seamless blend of tradition and modernity during Hanami season. Reminiscent of the surrounding flowers, our new collection is made from delicate graphic lace and fluid silk tulle that mimics the graceful movement of their fall. Complementing our gowns were the divine simplicity of Ryder Diamonds jewellery and beautiful Freya Rose and Harriet Wilde shoes.

We began our photoshoot in Tokyo at the Imperial Palace. The trees and walkways of Chidorigafuchi Park were coated with cherry blossoms, and the scattered petals on the ground resembled the pattern of our Lyric Gown’s bodice. Leaving the palace, we wandered down the banksides of the Meguro river, our Kendra Gown contrasting against the bright pink of the flowers and decorative lanterns. 

Our second day, we journeyed around Mount Fuji. Beginning the day with a 398-step climb to the Chureito Pagoda, where the new Lavada Corset and Les Skirt harmonised with the simple elegance of the sakura and the red shrine. At Lake Kawaguchi, our Lavi Gown created an other-worldly presence among the soft colour of the lavender bushes and the breath-taking view of Mt. Fuji. Last, but not least, we visited the nearby Fujiomurosengen Shrine, almost hidden by the blossoms. Here, the London Gown’s curious beauty radiated next to the subtle charm of the structure.

Our journey through Japan was a breath-taking and wondrous experience. Surrounded by soft shades of pink and purples, magnificent mountains and lakes, and dynamic cityscapes, the scenery was captivating and nothing short of perfect to set our AW18 Collection. So with that, let’s begin…












Production Manager: Maria Christina Papasavva
Designer/Production Coordinator/Behind-The-Scene Photographer: Sheryl Yip
Photographer: Jimi Drosinos
Photography Assistant: Spiros Kay
Makeup Artist: Gosia Peruzynska
Model: Rhyme - Lauren Wyper
Local Coordinator and Translation: Yuki Tomotake
Jewellery: Ryder Diamonds
Shoes: Freya Rose & Harriet Wilde
Special Thanks To: Rikugien Garden