Flowy Beach Wedding Dresses In The UK: How To Minimise Damage On The Sand

A fluorescent sunset, white sand, and the calming waves drifting in and out as you say your vows to your forever person - what an amazing way to start the next chapter of your life! And that dress? Absolutely breathtaking!

Flowy beach wedding dresses in the UK are the perfect fit for weddings on the salty sand, and Catherine Deane is the perfect place to find them! 

Beach weddings are all about the location, but it’s important to find a dress ideal for sand and water. It won’t be very comfortable tying the knot in a princess ball gown, would it? Probably not, which is why a flowy beach dress is the best choice. 

Here at Catherine Deane, we endeavour to help every bride find the wedding dress of her dreams that not only puts all eyes on her but also adds to the experience, enchantment and lasting memories of her special day. So, visit us today to schedule an appointment with our designers! 

Tips To Wearing A Wedding Dress On The Beach.

Beach weddings are nothing short of beautiful, but wearing a wedding gown on the sand can be more challenging than we tend to realise. So, if you want your wedding album to be full of jaw-dropping photos, a dress that holds its value, and a disaster-free ceremony, you may want to consider these tips for wearing a wedding dress on the beach: 

Tip #1: Take your time walking. There are a lot of materials on the beach that could potentially damage the hem or train of your dress, so walking slowly will ensure that nothing snags or rips the precious material. Besides, a slow entrance gives your guests more time to admire you! 

Tip #2: Lift the dress from time to time. If you’re not in the middle of the ceremony or taking photographs, lift the dress to keep it off the sand. But, don’t feel like you need to do all the lifting yourself - your bridesmaids are there to make the day as easy for you as possible!

Tip #3: Try to stay away from wet sand. Trapesing through wet sand will not only stain your dress but will make it even more difficult to clean. If you do get your dress full of wet sand, consider taking it to a professional dry-cleaner, or at least allow the sand to dry before gently shaking it out. 

If you are considering or already planning a beach wedding, these tips can help you keep your dress free from damage and as clean as possible. 

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