How to Choose Your Perfect Bohemian Dress

Are you an upcoming bride who prefers a more relaxed get-together over a formal event? Would you choose casual sandals over high heels any day? Are you planning an informal, outdoor wedding and want a dress that fits with the natural atmosphere? Do you like the idea of a tiara made of wildflowers over a jewel-encrusted crown? Are you a person who rebels against ‘the norm’ and you want a wedding gown that reflects your own personal style? If your answers to most of these questions are “yes”, then a bohemian style wedding dress might be the right choice for you. So what exactly is bohemian and how do you choose the best bohemian dress for you? Let’s find out!

Maybe you’ve heard the word “bohemian” (also known as “boho”) used to describe artistic people who live alternatively or don’t adhere to traditions or conventions. But what does that have to do with wedding gowns? Simply put, bohemian style is reflected by a lack of structure, formality, or conformity with tradition. Instead, bohemian styles opt for informal, natural, and free-flowing layers of patterns, textures, and/or colour. The style reflects free-spiritedness, wonder, whimsy, romance, effortlessness, and nature.

Bohemian style weddings and wedding dresses have grown in popularity as more brides are choosing to have intimate, outdoor, and informal weddings. More brides are choosing gowns that are more fitting for those settings. Finally, more brides want their special day to reflect them as a person rather than go with traditions. Many are putting their stamp on their big day with a free-spirited vibe in their ceremony and dress.

Once you’ve decided to go for a bohemian wedding dress, here are the choices you need to consider in order to find your perfect fit:

  • SleevesA popular look for boho brides is wearing long sleeves. Why? Because long, flowing, unstructured sleeves can give off the dreamy, romantic, carefree look. There are plenty of sleeve styles to choose from, including balloon, bell, or batwing. Do you like the idea of wearing sleeves for the ceremony but worry about them getting in the way during the reception? No problem! Many dresses come with detachable sleeves for that extra touch of versatility.
  • Length: Boho brides don’t conform to the idea that a wedding dress needs to be a floor-length gown. Often gowns are way too formal and impractical for our boho bride’s outdoor or casual wedding venue. Choose a length that makes you feel the most comfortable but also fits the location and the season the best.
  • Colour: White will always be the top colour choice for all bridal trends. That said; you don’t have to go with white! Some of the most popular bohemian style colours we’ve seen in recent years include pastels, blush pinks, sky blues, natural greens, ombre colours, and nature-inspired tones.
  • Accessories: For bridal accessories, think natural-looking pieces that look like they were plucked straight from the garden. This can include a wildflower crown as well as jewellery that incorporates natural, unfinished (sometimes referred to as “raw”) stones.

We wish each of our boho brides a dreamy and romance-filled wedding day that reflects her free-spirit nature.