Tips Every Bride Can Use When Shopping For Wedding Gowns In The UK

When the hunt for your dream wedding dress begins, there’s no better place to be than Catherine Deane’s! Our exclusive wedding gowns in the UK will leave you spoiled for choice. But don’t worry, we’ll help you find the perfect fit! 

From the day you met your special someone, a journey of love, friendship, and happiness began as you set out to create something beautiful together. Every laugh, smile and warm embrace solidified that you had found your forever person, and now you’re sitting side by side picking out flowers, cake tasting, and taking dance lessons together for your special day. 

All that’s left is to find your wedding gown! But, finding a dress is not always easy, especially when you start fitting them on, and they all look completely different to what you had envisioned. As the big day looms ever closer, this can leave a bride feeling incredibly overwhelmed and frustrated. Thankfully, here at Catherine Deane’s, we work hard and with complete understanding to help you find your dream wedding gown. 

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Tips For Going Wedding Dress Shopping.

Stepping into a fully-stocked bridal boutique can be quite breathtaking but also overwhelming at the same time! So, to keep things moving in the right direction, follow these useful tips when shopping for your wedding dress: 

  1. Give yourself enough time. Granted, you may not find your perfect wedding gown on your first attempt, which is why it’s important to give yourself enough time to shop around. Six to twelve months is a good time frame to work with as it eliminates stress and allows for changes or alterations. 
  2. Set a budget. The last thing you want is to try on a dress and fall in love with it, only to look at the price tag and nearly faint. Setting a budget ensures you only try on dresses that you can afford and avoids the disappointments of having to put a perfect dress back on the rack. 
  3. Choose your bride tribe wisely. Those accompanying you to the bridal boutique have only one job: offer support and constructive criticism. You don’t need someone forcing their opinions on you when trying to find your perfect dress. So, choose your squad carefully to ensure you have an uplifting experience. 

Keep these tips in mind when scheduling appointments with bridal boutiques so you can have the best experience shopping for your wedding gown in the UK! 

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